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Online scaffold and lift training covers an overview of the OSHA standards and ANSI standards, with emphasis on the changes in Subpart L. Class exceeds the requirements of OSHA Subpart L 1926.454 and applicable ANSI Standards. This training is for those members who currently have a Scaffold and Lift card or plans to attend the hands-on portion at one of our training facilities.

Those taking the course must score at least 70% on the exam to pass this training section. If you do not pass the exam with a 70% or better score after a maximum of two attempts, you must attend a scheduled class at one of the training centers of District Council 58.

This 24 hour lead course is a basic-level class for working in a lead environment.  It meets of exceeds the training requirements of OSHA 1926.62 and is approved for obtaining a Lead Abatement Worker license by the State of Missouri.  Anyone who is interested in taking the SSPC  C-3 / Missouri Supervisor should take this class first.

Respiratory Protection classes based on OSHA 1910.134.  This class is run in three short sections on the same day.  The first section will be an overview of respirator use and selection.  This training exceeds the requirements under 1910.134(k)(1)(I) through (vii)  The second section will provide a medical evaluation on the employee’s ability to wear a all types of respirators.  This program will meet the requirements of the respiratory standard 1910.134.  The third section will include a qualitative fit test administered under 1910.134 appendix B.  Each student is issued a fit test certificate and the new 3M 6000 half mask they were tested with.


This course offers vital information to help students identify hazards and understand warning labels and SDSs. It contains sections on identifying potential hazards, warning labels, and Material Safety Data Sheets.  This course meets or exceeds the training requirements of OSHA 1910.1200 as amended 2012 except for the company-specific and site-specific portions of the contractor’s overall Haz-Com program. All employee trained prior to the updated standard must be retrained by 12/1/2013.

This course will consist of 5 class days that will cover each of the following topics on wall coverings.

Materials & Adhesives

Estimation of amounts of wall coverings needed

Applications of wall coverings & boarders

Application of vinyl wall coverings

The course is geared to painters who want to finish drywall. You will learn the basics of hand taping and finishing. Patching holes and skimming over rough surfaces or damaged drywall will also be covered. You will learn about different materials and their proper uses, and problems and what are the likely causes.