Missouri Lead Worker Refresher Courses Added

Refresher courses are required for Lead Abatement workers to maintain their Lead Licenses.
Successful completion of this 8-hour Refresher course will meet or exceed Lead Abatement Worker license requirements in Missouri as well as OSHA’s training requirements. The first use of this material is an eight (8) hour Refresher Course to maintain licensure; granted the participant had successfully completed the initial Lead Abatement Worker course prior to and within a 3 year window of first passing the class. The Missouri lead worker license is valid for a two year period, and then cannot be expired for more than 12 months for the refresher to be valid. If it is more than 3 years since the completion of the 24 hour lead worker course, then the member shall be required to re-take the full 24 hour course to regain a valid certification. THE REFRESHER SHOULD BE TAKEN AT LEAST 3 MONTHS BEFORE THE THREE YEAR PERIOD IS UP (to allow the state time for processing).
The Refresher assessment includes a thirty-five (35) question written test, along with an evaluation on the performance of the hands-on activities.
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