SSPC Certification Classes

SSPC Certified Applicator Specialist (CAS)                                                                        The SSPC Coating Application Specialist Certification Program is designed to certify those individual craft workers who have experience and training in all aspects of hands-on surface preparation and coating application of complex industrial and marine structures, according to the requirements of the SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Program. This certification program also meets the requirements of ISO 17024.   Sign-up Now Click HERE

SSPC C-3 / MISSOURI LEAD SUPERVISOR                                                                    The 40 hours SSPC C-3 Competent Person for De-leading Steel Structures is approved for licensure in Missouri for Lead Supervisor.  This is a very intense course dealing with containment, hazardous lead waste, environmental and ventilation testing equipment, and the whole range of related regulations.  It is highly recommended that students at least complete the 24 hour lead worker course before attempting this course.  Experience with industrial painting and surface preparation is also recommended.  Students will receive an SSPC certificate and a completion certificate to obtain the Missouri Lead Supervisor license. Sign-up Now Click HERE

SSPC C-5 / MISSOURI LEAD SUPERVISOR REFRESHER                                             This 8 hour course will maintain the C-3 standing with SSPC and is approved as a refresher course to maintain the Missouri lead supervisor license.  It is required every two years. Sign-up Now Click HERE

SSPC C-7                                                                                                                            The C-7 is designed to certify operators of dry abrasive or portable centrifugal blast cleaning equipment. It covers principles of surface preparation, surface cleanliness, surface profile, dust and debris control, and abrasives. The program’s primary focus is the certification of the blasters who demonstrate proper blasting techniques during the hands-on session. Sign-up Now Click HERE

SSPC C-12                                                                                                                          This program assesses the skills of sprayers who have a minimum of 800 hours applying protective coatings with airless spray in an industrial or marine environment. Candidates are certified through a brief certification written exam and a practical hands-on skill assessment.  This course is designed to train and certify marine/industrial applicators to operate airless spray equipment. Sign-up Now Click HERE

Course Topics are Introduction/Overview of Airless Spray Equipment Operational Systems, Proper Mixing Techniques, Proper Spray Techniques, Troubleshooting, and Conventional Spray Systems.


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