Safety and Lead

Listed below are some of the safety and lead classes offered at the FTI-MIDWEST to our members in good standing.

Safety Classes and Safety Certifications

   SCAFFOLD –User/Erector/Dismantler                                                                     User–Erector Scaffold Training is covered in 2 segments.  The first class segment covers an overview of the OSHA standards and ANSI standards, with emphasis on the changes in Subpart L. The second class segment proceeds to hands-on training with specific types of scaffolding used in throughout the taping/painting industry.  These types include Perry-Baker, tubular stack frame (mobile towers and stationary), and lifts (manlifts, articulating booms, and scissors lifts.)  All students must demonstrate knowledge and participate in the erection and dismantling operation of scaffolding, use of controls and safety equipment of each type of lift, and associated fall protection of each of the listed types.  Each segment runs for approximately 4 hours for a total of 8 hours or one 8-hour day. Class exceeds the requirements of OSHA Subpart L 1926.454 and applicable ANSI Standards.  Please click HERE to register

   SCAFFOLD – Competent Person
Students who complete this course will be provided the information to be an effective competent person concerning scaffolding and aerial lifts.  Keep in mind that the contractor must designate who will be a competent person for their company. Students will learn OSHA scaffold regulations, safety guidelines, and the hazards associated with operations on and around scaffolding. This is a hands-on class that requires students to wear work attire and personal safety equipment. Scaffold Competent Person is a 32 hour course.    Please click HERE to register

   FALL PROTECTION                                                                                                        This course provides a thorough knowledge fall-arrest systems, positioning devices and equipment care and inspection. It also outlines the requirements for rescue strategies.  The Fall Protection course complies with OSHA’s Fall Protection Standard (Subpart M)  and is usually completed in about 4 hours.  Please click HERE to register

   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION:                                                                               Respiratory Protection classes based on OSHA 1910.134.  This class is run in three short sections on the same day.  The first section will be an overview of respirator use and selection.  This training exceeds the requirements under 1910.134(k)(1)(I) through (vii)  The second section will provide a medical evaluation on the employee’s ability to wear a all types of respirators.  This program will meet the requirements of the respiratory standard 1910.134.  The third section will include a qualitative fit test administered under 1910.134 appendix B.  Each student is issued a fit test certificate and the new 3M 6000 half mask they were tested with.   Please click HERE to register

This 18-hour course is designed to enable students to recognize, evaluate, prevent, and abate safety and health hazards associated with confined space and permit required confined space entry. This course, based on OSHA 2264 Standard, is highly participatory with substantial hands-on training in the use of monitors, PPE, and entry and retrieval in a simulated, controlled confined space. This course also includes a confined space rescue segment of approximately two hours that includes instruction from an EMS technician. This class is completed over two 9 hour days.   Please click HERE to register

Prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and provide basic care for injuries and sudden illnesses until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over. This course covers first aid and adult CPR and takes about 6 hours to complete.   
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   HAZARD COMMUNICATION (updated)                                                                          This course offers vital information to help students identify hazards and understand warning labels and SDSs. It contains sections on identifying potential hazards, warning labels, and Material Safety Data Sheets.  This course meets or exceeds the training requirements of OSHA 1910.1200 as amended 2012 except for the company-specific and site-specific portions of the contractor’s overall Haz-Com program. All employees trained prior to the updated standard must be retrained as of 12/1/2013.  
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   OSHA 10-HOUR CONSTRUCTION                                                                                The OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Course was developed to provide construction workers, supervisors and personnel an awareness of work-site safety and health. Upon course completion, participants receive a Department of Labor OSHA construction and health course completion card.  This class and the resulting completion card are needed to comply with the Missouri statute requiring an OSHA 10 hr for all employees on public works projects.  However, it is important to note that the amount of time and information provided within any of the subjects of this 10 hour course is not adequate to fulfill the training requirements of the OSHA standards.  This is a safety awareness course only!   Please click HERE to register

   OSHA 30-HOUR CONSTRUCTION                                                                                 The 30 hour Construction Safety Course is a comprehensive class developed to provide awareness of common hazards and provide training as required by the OSHA Standards in some major areas.  Students will receive the 30 hour Construction Safety and Health card from the Department of Labor.  Furthermore, students will receive full training and certificates in the areas of Scaffold User / Erector, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, and Respiratory Protection.  This is a four day class and all days must be attended.  
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   SSPC C-3 / MISSOURI LEAD SUPERVISOR                                                                 The 40 hours SSPC C-3 Competent Person for De-leading Steel Structures is approved for licensure in Missouri for Lead Supervisor.  This is a very intense course dealing with containment, hazardous lead waste, environmental and ventilation testing equipment, and the whole range of related regulations.  It is highly recommended that students at least complete the 24 hour lead worker course before attempting this course.  Experience with industrial painting and surface preparation is also recommended.  Students will receive an SSPC certificate and a completion certificate to obtain the Missouri Lead Supervisor license.  
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   SSPC C-5 / MISSOURI LEAD SUPERVISOR REFRESHER                                       This 8 hour course will maintain the C-3 standing with SSPC and is approved as a refresher course to maintain the Missouri lead supervisor license.  It is required every two years.  
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   Missouri Lead Worker Licensure                                                                     This 24 hour lead course is a basic-level class for working in a lead environment.  It meets of exceeds the training requirements of OSHA 1926.62 and is approved for obtaining a Lead Abatement Worker license by the State of Missouri.  Anyone who is interested in taking the SSPC  C-3 / Missouri Supervisor should take this class first.                        Please click HERE to Register

   (RRP) RENOVATE, REPAIR, and PAINT-EPA                                                                      The 8 hour class is approved by the US EPA to certify renovators for remodeling, repair, and painting work involving lead based paint in child occupied buildings.  The EPA definition of child occupied buildings includes residences, certain commercial facilities, and schools.  A certified renovator is required on these projects effective April 2010.  
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   HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM                                                                                             This 4-hour course meets or exceeds the employee training requirements for OSHA 1926.1126.  This standard was added in 2007 to add detail, information, and new regulation on this carcinogenic material.  
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   CRANES AND DERRICKS – OSHA SUB-PART CC                                                     Many strict regulations became effective under this rewritten and renamed sub-part.  This 3-hour course is only for employees who are not part of the hoisting crew but are on the same job-site.  This course does not satisfy the requirements to be a Signal-person, Operator, or Rigger.  It does cover an overview of the Standard and the responsibilities of employees around a hoist area.  
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   ATSSA Flagger class                                                                                                          This course is intended to assist the flagger in understanding his or her duties to protect project personnel and provide safe, courteous and authoritative directions to traffic seeking passage through the work area.  Proof of this training is required to direct traffic in most states.   Please click HERE to register

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